POW! ZAP! BAM! More comic news!

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“Catalan legislators debate Superman’s politics”

“Miralles’s report, titled ‘Why Superman is Right-Wing,’ argued that Superman represents ‘a superior, transcendent being that comes to the world to save a humanity incapable of collectively facing its needs, rights, and challenges.’ It added that Superman ‘is defined as a very superior man to others, a prototype of sexism because he plays the role of the protector of women,’ and claimed that Superman represents ‘individualism,’ because he acts in individual and not collective cases.”

“Spider-Man Returns to Newspapers in ’06”

“News America Marketing and Marvel Entertainment are teaming up to distribute collectible editions of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ in Sunday papers beginning in late summer 2006.”


“The circulation for the Spider-Man series will be 10 million across metro markets.”


“At $99.99, this hefty hardcover is probably not for the casual comics fan, but the hard-core geek on your Christmas list would most likely be delighted to find one under the tree.”

SPECIAL BONUS LINK: A review of Alyas Batman and Robin, an absolutely fantastic movie I was able to see thanks to pal JP. It’s only the best Batman muscial from the Philippines you’ll ever see!

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