Reflecting upon the Mirror Master.

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Brief bios for both the original Silver Age Mirror Master and the current version.

A chronological list of appearances of Mirror Master I.

Another chronology, with a few more details on events in each issue, plus reprints.

The Wikipedia entry.

Another index, listing appearances of Mirror Master II in comics that also feature Superman.

Hostess Fruit Pies create a conflict between Mirror Master and Green Lantern.

Fred Hembeck takes on MM.

Mirror Master’s stats for the original Marvel Super-Heroes Role Playing Game can be found here (along with several other DC bad guys).

“Can someone tell me how [Mirror Master’s powers] work?” “Science. They work by Science.”

The Professor Zoom/Mirror Master Pocket Heroes two-pack.

An image of David Cassidy playing the Mirror Master from the short-lived Flash TV show can be found here.

A roundtable review of Flash #212, which focused on Mirror Master II.

Mirror Master is referenced on this page discussing hypnosis in Flash comics.

A review of the DC Direct Mirror Master figure, with bonus Captain Cold review!

Here’s another review of the action figure: “…A dust catching peg warmer at its worst.” Ouch.

A custom figure in the “animated” style.

“Angel’s Wesley to Play Mirror Master.”

The Mirror Master CCG card.

Mirror Master Micro-heroes. Egads.

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