Blogging about blogging is a sin.

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Just to be clear about last night’s post…I’m not down on people talking about Lois Lane #106. I’m just saying that, since so many other people have discussed it already, I don’t think I have anything to add. (Though this is like the, what, fourth? post I’ve made saying “I have nothing to say about ‘I Am Curious (Black)?'” The irony isn’t lost on me.)

Anyway, speaking of this site, I’m probably going to do a significant amount of trimming of the weblogs listed in that sidebar over there. Quite a few of them haven’t updated in several months, so they’re the ones that are going to go. If you’re on the sidebar, haven’t updated in a while but plan on returning soon, and just happen to be reading this, drop me a line and let me know not to delink you.

I’ll probably drop off the ones marked “(ret.)” as well, so bookmark ’em now if you haven’t already. In particular, make sure you keep Grotesque Anatomy and Flat Earth in your favorites…they were tops in my book, and still remain good resources for us folks what like the funnybooks. (According to my referral logs, I still get traffic from Grotesque Anatomy, and that site’s been defunct for over a year!)

Oh, crud, I think I just convinced myself not to cut them from the sidebar. Feh. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Just so it’s not all about the weblogging…did anyone else prefer the Captain Carrot segments in Teen Titans #30 to the actual Teen Titans story? The Captain Carrot thing has me genuinely interested in what’s going to happen next. Maybe, if we’re lucky, if we’re all good boys and girls, we’ll get another Captain Carrot comic on the stands. Or, at least, a trade of the original.

Here’s another comic collector profile, this time a doctor in Nebraska…hope you have a tolerance for a lot of single-sentence paragraphs in a row.

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