Some Sunday fun for everyone.

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I hadn’t realized this, until I saw it in Steven Grant’s column (pointed out to me by Neilalien), but are retailers really complaining that Warren Ellis’ Fell is too cheap, that it really should be $2.99? Speaking as a seller of funnybooks, I think having a $1.99 comic that’s actually good is just dandy, particularly one by a writer with a significant amount of material in the marketplace. I use it as an inexpensive sampler book for people who want to try some of Ellis’ work but don’t want to dish out for the cost of one of his trade paperbacks. On the flip side of this, I have several customers who only buy trade paperbacks of Ellis’ work, but buy Fell because it’s only two freakin’ bucks.

I don’t know, maybe I’m totally out of line, but I’d rather have a $1.99 book on the shelf that actually sells, rather than a boatload of, say, $2.99 reprints of Marvel books that really didn’t need reprinting sitting around and gathering dust.

The Absorbascon discusses the Red Bee. I’ve always loved the Red Bee. He’s a superhero who had a trained bee (named Michael!) that he kept in his beltbuckle. Fantastic.

H names me as the Mightest Comic Book Weblogger EVER. Well, not really, but he put me in his Top Ten, and I’m grateful. Thanks, H!

And now, some words of wisdom from Little Lulu:

Well said, Miss Moppet, well said.

(Found a sample Little Lulu story online…if you haven’t read any Lulu before, check it out!)

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