More Sunday fun for everyone. Well, me, anyway.

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Just for reference, here are the arrival dates (straight from our in-store cycle sheets) of all five issues of Marvel’s recently completed Secret War mini-series. Keep in mind, it was supposed to be a quarterly.

#1 – 2/11/04

#2 – 5/26/04

#3 – 10/13/04

#4 – 3/30/05

#5 – 12/14/05

On a related note (well, except for the “good” part):

“Lately, every good tale comes with a missed deadline”

“Several years ago, Marvel Comics started hiring high-profile writers from other media to write stories for their top characters. While the idea was good in theory, some writers seem to have too much on their plate to devote their full attention to a monthly comic book.”

Your out-of-context cover blurb for the day (from Avengers #138, pointed out to me by employee Nathan):

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