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Police Academy – The Comic Book #5 (January 1990) – art by Howard Post

Okay, I’ve written before about Marvel squeezing superhero parodies into their non-superhero licensed titles. Given the wacky nature of this particular comic, though, it’s not too out of place, I suppose.

However, this particular character, Zed, creeps me the heck out:

Zed was the character played by Bobcat Goldthwait in the Police Academy movies, by the way. I’m supposing likeness rights weren’t part of any of the licensing deals.

And didn’t at least the first film have an “R” rating? This was a weird choice for an animated series and comic book aimed at kids.

Random memory: a long time ago, at some comic convention or another, I spotted a dealer with a stack of the first issue of the Police Academy comic book, with a sign posted that read “FREE – PLEASE TAKE ONE.”

No one took him up on it, as far as I could tell.

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