Maps and parodies.

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Just a reminder…add yourself to my Frappr map and show me where you’re located. I promise I probably won’t come to your house and invite myself to dinner. Please feel free to plug your non-poker, non-viagra websites in the “shoutout” section as well!

Now, from yesterday morning’s post…I was in bit of a rush, so I didn’t do the usual attributions that I try to put on all my panel scans (and I’m in a rush again today…Christmastime, feh), but I do want to note that the last panel was indeed from Marvel Comics’ Power Pachyderms. As commenter Bill said, it was originally announced with a title that made it sound more like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rip-off/parody that it was. However, as I recall, it had been delayed several times, and by the time it came out, the heyday of TMNT parodies and parodies of TMNT parodies was pretty much over.

Commenter Thorpe wonders if there was a fanzine at the time that listed all the b&w parody books from that period. I don’t recall an actual title listing, but Amazing Heroes, for a few months, ran a continuing count of the number of parody books afflicting the marketplace. Not that they were all bad…Boris the Bear was pretty good, and I’ll fight any man who dares to malign Mark Martin‘s Gnatrat.

Any other b&w parody books from that period that are worth noting (i.e. not an abomination)?

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