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Well, I have to go out and be a good consumer today, hunting and gathering some Christmas presents, so you get…Panel-palooza, a selection of random images from comics I’ve come across recently.

That pic up there isn’t a story panel, but rather an ad from the back pages of The Bushido Blade of Zatoichi Walrus #1. By “Not a TMNT ripoff,” they mean “we are totally riding that Ninja Turtle bandwagon.” Those Crazy-Peckers is a absolutely fantastic title, however. Don’t forget the hyphen!

From Outsiders #28, the team takes advantage of Major Disaster’s Green Lantern phobia by casting an illusion over Geoforce to make him appear to MD as GL:

“Doing impressions” is apparently not part of Geoforce’s vast array of superpowers.

This next panel, from Angel Love #1, was actually one of the panels used in DC Comics house ads pushing the series:

There are an alarming number of panels in this series where a character looks straight out at the reader (sometimes zoomed in right on the eyeballs) and shouts something in alarm or surprise.

Oh, if I had a dime for every time I’ve had to say this to pal Dorian:

…I’d have 37 cents.

You know, facing the fury of Marvel Boy doesn’t terrify me in the slightest, for some reason.

Don’t ask.

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