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From the comments section for the Newsarama story on Warren Ellis’ New Universe revival:

“I honestly can’t tell the difference between ‘Fell,’ ‘Desolation Jones’ and ‘Down.’

“They’re all in color and have staples in the spine. They’re exactly alike!”

Anyway, I think Ellis’ take on the New Universe could be interesting…the original NU was always more interesting in concept than execution. I remember reading a preview in Amazing Heroes and thinking D.P. 7 sounded like a lot of fun…but not exactly caring for the actual book once it came out. Star Brand was probably the best of the bunch, with Jim Shooter’s “what if Superman really existed” storylines…not quite at Watchmen, Miracleman, or even Squadron Surpreme-levels, but not too shabby, either.

Once newuniversal, as the revival series is called, gets underway, prepare yourself for the outcry from the half-dozen surviving New Universe purists about how Ellis is ruining “their” characters. You can already see a bit of it starting in that Newsarama discussion.

In other news:

“Hey, hoser, gone shopping yet?” – trying to recreate the gifts from Bob & Doug McKenzie’s “12 Days of Christmas” —

“Eighth day: eight comic books. Since many comics like The Simpsons weren’t around when the album was produced, [we] decided Archie Digest is a brand of comic that would have Bob and Doug laughing so hard, beer would be shooting out of their noses.”

“Westerns gallop back into the picture”

“[Jonah] Hex stretched beyond his boundaries and appeared, not always appropriately, in comics featuring the Justice League, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Swamp Thing and Green Lantern. Then there was the two-year stretch in the mid-1980s when he became a hero in the Earth’s far future. Fortunately, he eventually was put back where he belonged.”

“Anti-cape crusade”

“Superheroes such as Spider-Man and Superman are being banned from pre-schools because they make the children more rowdy.

“…Almost all of the children who seemed to be involved in the rough play were into Spider-Man and Batman and the Ninja Turtles.”

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