Two years and a day.

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So I spend yesterday’s post going “rah rah rah look at me, two years, w00t,” and then I don’t have any time to post anything substantial today. So, that means links ahoy!

  • I think the “apologies to Chris Ware” comment in this cartoon‘s right margin is really funny (as in “peculiar,” not “ha ha”)…I’m gonna guess Rall isn’t really apologetic about anything in this strip.
  • If you gotta have the Fantastic Four movie on that hip new DVD format, you might wanna wait instead of rushing out and buying it today.
  • Apparently there’s a trailer for the new X-Men film. I wonder how they’ll write Professor X and Cyclops out of most of the movie this time?
  • The Comics Reporter gives us the sad news that Jim Sasseville, Charles Schulz’ comrade-in-arms on the Peanuts comic book and the It’s Only A Game comic strip, has passed away.
  • “Zap! Comic Book Man hit with collecting bug”

    “Tomlinson, a 2000 Hunt High School graduate, keeps his comics individually stored in Mylar bags along with a thin sheet of cardboard to provide sturdiness. Once the comics are ‘bagged and boarded,’ they’re stored in boxes specially designed for comic book collections. He has more than a dozen long boxes, each holding hundreds of issues, stacked up in a room.”

    Honestly, I had no idea what quote to pull from this article. It’s all so…well, prosaic. Yeah, I know it’s funny to us to read an article about an average comics fan being presented as “news,” but I’m sure it’s news to someone. Though I did like the “HOBBIES: Collecting comic books and swords” line at the end.*

  • Thanks to everyone for the kind words!
* EDIT: Just noticed Tom Spurgeon had this article in his Dec. 6 “Quick Hits” section. I only meant to steal the Sasseville thing, honest!

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