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Well, because of DC’s offer to take returns on these poorly-painted figures, that’s why. They just want the heads, and I aims to please. As far as the actual paintjobs go, they’re not completely horrible, but they’re just “off” enough to look pretty poor compared to the usual quality of the other DC Direct figures. It’s like they were colored with the Flexographic process or something.

I will say that those rubbery capes (and, in the case of the Monitor figure, the rubbery skirt) were very upsetting to have to handle. I mean, ick.

To respond to commenter Roel from yesterday’s Samurai the 13th post:

First, believe it or not, that wasn’t a “Jason clone” in that comic…it was explicitly supposed to be the actual Jason from the movies, and the story takes place in the familiar surroundings of Camp Crystal Lake.

Second, as to the actual enjoyment one may extract from the comic…well, the panels I posted were funny, and there’s a brief climatic battle between Jason and the samurai which isn’t bad…but the rest of the comic is played like a straightforward horror comic. It’s like a Friday the 13th movie, only with Toshirô Mifune instead of, I don’t know, Kevin Bacon? Crispin Glover? The only “breaking the fourth wall” satiric aspect of the story is that (um, SPOILER, I suppose) Jason is defeated when his Friday the 13th movie contract is ripped to pieces, causing him to fade away into nothingness. Overall, the comic’s not terrible…for, y’know, a Solson comic.

And I like the fact that Jason’s usually accompanied by his theme music:

…which, I suppose, is also fourth-wall breaking when you get right down to it.

So that darn Scipio has begun his quest for comics-retail domination with his new Big Monkey chain of stores…go visit their swanky website and check ’em out. Speaking as someone who’s sold comics for a living for…well, far too long…I say “good luck to you, friend! Vaya con pollos!”

As long as I’m giving “shout-outs,” as the kids say, here, by request of former employee Kid Chris, is a shout-out to Summit 8 and the guys in Sammy (i.e. Sigma Alpha Mu) down there at that UCLA party school I hear so much about. Hi, collegiate chums! Kid Chris says y’all need to follow his fine example and be more studious. And buy more comics. From us, that is…the Kid will give you the address.

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