Quit looking at me…quit looking at me!

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For no good reason whatsoever, here are the items across the top of my work computer’s monitor, from left to right…I put that cardboard behind it to cut down the glare from the window in the background:

Squishy computer toy thingie – left behind by the child of a customer a while back.

Warm Fuzzy – or whatever they’re called…the little fuzzballs with the antennae, the big sticky feet, and the googly eyes. Well, my fourth grade teacher called ’em “warm fuzzies,” and if it was good enough for Mrs. Measures, it’s good enough for me.

Plush mini-shark – with spring-loaded jaw. I believe pal Dorian is responsible for this somehow.

Owl fingerpuppet – left behind by Kid Chris when we went off to UCLA. Hunched over like that, it looks as if its unblinking eyes were staring right at me, piercing into the very depths of my shameful heart.

Cardboard Lament Configuration from Hellraiser – when the Marvel/Epic Hellraiser comic book series again, it was accompanied by a package of stiff paper promo items for us to give away along with the comic, featuring a Lament Configuration (or Hellraiser Box, as I usually hear it called) that you could cut out and assemble yourself. I kept one and put it together for the store…and all these years later, even after having moved the entire store twice in that time, it’s still there, intact, threatening to suck my soul into promotional item hell, or something like that.

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