I hate Thanksgiving weekend…

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…since in our area, that means everyone makes beelines to the local malls, and the small businesses (like ourselves) get it right in the shorts. Oh, we’ll get the Christmas traffic spike eventually, but it’s usually after the malls have been stripped bare and shoppers make their way to the retail borderlands out of desperation.

Still, it’s kind of a drag, since that makes things slow, slow, slow around here…so, you know, if you need any comics or graphic novels or anything mailed to you, now’s the time to ask, so drop me an e-mail. I seem to have plenty of free time at the moment. (Not that I’m standing around doing nothing, but I’d rather be collecting some coin of the realm instead of fooling around with inventory.)

We are selling some things, though…I’ve sold yet more copies of the Watchmen trade paperback over the last week, which still blows my mind. After all these years, it still doesn’t gather dust on the shelf. Which reminds me…a week or so ago, DC sent us a promotional e-mail telling us about all the media attention for the rerelease of Watchmen in the oversized hardcover Absolute edition, and how we as retailers should take advantage of it. Boy, I’d like to, but we sold out of all our copies of Absolute Watchmen and it hasn’t been available for reorder since it originally shipped. The trades still sell though, as I just noted, so I guess I’ll just settle for that.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I finally sold another copy of Liberality for All?

Even though our store got shorted on our order of Giant Monster #2, I did manage to get a review copy in at Progressive Ruin HQ courtesy the good folks at Boom! Studios. There’s not much more I can say about the second issue that I didn’t already say about the first, except this issue has the titular Giant Monster fighting a big freakin’ Nazi robot, and friend, that’s entertainment. There’s some very dark humor in here, particularly with the crowds of Americans cheering on the Nazi robot as it seemingly defeats the Giant Monster (“Don’t you think we should have painted over the swastikas?” asks one of those kids that always seems to get involved in oversized monster shenanigans), and with the estranged wife of the Giant Monster’s host. It’s funny, it’s gruesome, and it’s pretty much review-proof. Either you like big freakin’ monster comics or you don’t — and I do! Go check it out…assuming the distributor sent copies to your store. (Razzin’ frazzin’ Diamond….)

And, for no good reason, aside from telling pal Dorian about it the other day and wanting to send him the link: the proposed, then aborted, Star Wars novel series that would have connected Earth to the Star Wars Universe. The look on Dorian’s face when I told him about this was priceless. (And I’m sure a lot of you knew about this already…but it was news to me! I only found out about it perusing the timeline found here.)

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