A couple things….

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1. I just got the official word from DC Comics on what we gotta do to return the defective Crisis on Infinite Earth action figures: as hoped, we have to cut off and return the heads.

Cut off and return the heads.

There’s a strange sort of pleasure in that…um, not in a weird “someday this weblog post will be read aloud in a courtroom by a prosecuting attorney” way. It’s more…well, because of the nature of the hobby, we have to treat everything carefully at the store. Customers want mint comics, mint packages, mint mints, and so on, so we handle our store’s merchandise gently.

Except when it’s time for distributor returns, when we gleefully tear front covers off of comics, and, yes, cut heads off action figures, to mail back to Diamond for credit.

Last time I had to cut off a head (“I’d like to introduce exhibit 2, Your Honor”), it was for some lousy Batman pewter statues, and we had a devil of a time cutting those stupid things. These plastic figures, though…one quick snap, we got ourselves a headless Psycho Pirate, no sweat.

I’m going to do this when the store is open, and we have a floor full of customers, and I’m not going to explain to them what I’m doing, just to see their expressions.

2. We received a manila envelope in the shop’s mail yesterday, containing one (1) copy of Jack of Hearts #1 from 1984, with severe spine wear and old water stains. The included letter stated that this was a complimentary copy from the sender, who wanted to be sure we had a copy in case anyone was interested in buying it.


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