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As expected, I’m remarkably tired after last night’s Midnight Madness sale…I ended up getting to bed about 2:30 this morning, and my aged muscles are still a bit weary from moving a boatload of long boxes to and fro, putting the store back together, and so on. We did manage to move a lot of material, but it still looks like we only put a slight dent in our actual inventory. Plus, I didn’t move as much manga as I was hoping, but I guess I can’t complain too much.

The prime feature of our Midnight Madness sales are the dozens of boxes of “blow-out stock” – overstock back issues priced to move. When we first started doing these sales way back when, the pricing of these issues was a little more complicated. The issues would have colored stickers attached to their bags, and each color would represent a particular price point…orange would be $0.50, blue $1.00, red $2.00, and so on. Well, after a few of those sales, we all got kind of tired of trying to keep track of what sticker was what price, so we decided to just make everything $0.50, and hopefully we’d clear out more of this stock. That of course meant great deals on prestige format books, previously priced for blow-out at $2 or $3.

For last night’s sale, we dropped prices even lower…$0.25 each, 5 for a buck, which meant even better deals could be had. Pal Corey snagged a Brave & The Bold #200 in nice condition, for example. He also found 90% of a full run of V for Vendetta.

I also poked through the boxes, looking for items for other customers searching through the rows (which are completely unsorted, by the way…did I mention they’re not in order?). I ended up finding a couple books that were tossed into the blow-out stock years ago when we were overloaded on them, but now we could use them again…stuff like DC’s Invasion series (suddenly selling again), and, God help us, X-Babies Reborn.

Oh, and I also pulled out several copies of ‘Mazing Man and pushed them onto anybody who’d listen. (I think ‘Mazing Man would make a good digest-sized collection from DC, actually.)

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have more observations about Midnight Madness at some point, but my thinker still isn’t operating at peak capacity…plus, I have to go back to work for the Sunday shift. Oy.

And while I was slaving away at the sale, this lucky bastard was at Disneyland!

In other news:

Special thanks to “Fancypantsian” Fred Hembeck and “Ardent” Alan David Doane for mentioning me in Tom Spurgeon‘s most recent “Five for Friday” feature. I keep meaning to participate in those “Five for Fridays” but I only remember after the results have already been complied and posted…someday I’ll join in, I promise!

Pal Nat is reviving his music ‘n’ sound weblog, so go visit and encourage the man!

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