Mike’s brush with flaming death!

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…Well, not really. But you know that Southern California brush fire that you may have heard about in the news today? That’s right up there on the hills behind our store. Though the fire was coming down the side of the hills towards the city during the day, by the evening the fire had been driven back into the canyon, where it’s still burning even now.

Business was slow, as everyone out of town assumed all of Ventura was on fire and didn’t want to make the trip, and everyone in town was either standing on the streets watching the flames, or wisely inside the house and not breathing in the ash and smoke. Or, they were in the traffic jam of cars along the main drag through town right in front of our shop, since streets were being closed off.

So, no, it wasn’t really a brush with death. The Ventura hills seem to explode into flame every few years, so we should probably be used to it by now. Besides, pal Tom was closer to the fire anyway. (Don’t worry, he’s okay. Well, relatively speaking.)

In happier news, Kid Chris popped by the shop to regale us with stories of college life, and his pal Scott bought a copy of Elfquest magazine #16 from us, because of this post of mine. That’s right, my weblog made us some money…a whole $1.80 worth, so take that, Google Ads!

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