"Aqualad? You’re kidding, right?"

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An extensive history of Aqualad and his many (okay, two) incarnations.

On this page, you can see some original animation cels featuring Aqualad. Here’s another cel.

A Hero Machine-generated image of our favorite underwater sidekick.

An unpublished George Perez drawing.

A review of the DC Direct Aquaman/Aqualad two-pack. “…Reports have surfaced that their ankle joints had a tendency to break when forced in extreme positions.” Ouch.

Another official Aqualad figure is on this page of the Teen Titans Mego figures.

The Aqualad costume for Captain Action’s sidekick, Action Boy! (Full site here, since I’m linking to a specific frame.) You can also see it in its original packaging on this page.

Custom figures, ahoy: Aqualad and his later incarnation as Tempest, a Super Powers custom with backer card, an “animated style” figure, a figure whose expression says “I’M INSANE,” and another Super Powers-style custom.

The Aqualad card for the trading card game.

Kevin Nowlan’s black and white art for the previously-linked card.


A 3D Aqualad for all your 3D Aqualad needs.

For pal Dorian – some not-safe-for-work photo-manips of Aquaman and Aqualad. Oh, dear.

A page of Aqualad fan-fic and/or slash.

I don’t know what “wees” are, but there’s an Aqualad one on this page. It’s small, and cute!

Special Aqualad from the Teen Titans cartoon section!

Background on the animated version of the character.

“This site is for those devotees of animation who believe that animated characters are as real as those in any other kind of movie.” …And here they present some choice stills from the cartoon.

“I have a bit of a grudge against Aqualad because both Raven and Starfire liked him and Raven is supposed to like Beast Boy and Starfire is supposed to like Robin.”

A close look at the animated Aqualad figure.

The supremely-cool Wil Wheaton writes briefly about his Aqualad voice-work.

Animated Aqualad cosplay. Fantastic.

For future Aqualad (or Aquaman) news, please refer to that mighty Aquafan, Laura “Tegan” Gjovaag.

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