A couple reviews, and how to enhance your hole.

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Due out in the funnybook stores today: Local #1 (Oni Press) by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly, which I reviewed a couple months ago – if you liked Wood’s Demo series, give this one a try; and Hero Squared #3 (Boom! Studios) by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Joe Abraham, wrapping up ths current mini-series (and leading into a regular Hero Squared series next year). I’ve reviewed previous issues here, here, and here, and this new issue continues the fun, kicking off with a humorous exchange between the non-super version of Milo and Sloat, the lackey of Lord Caliginous. Hero Squared is a fine comic, and here’s looking forward to the ongoing series.

Earlier this week I mentioned the fact that if you were to put a copy of the sixteenth issue of the original Elfquest magazine in the front of a magazine box, the eyes of the elf on the cover would peer through the handle hole, piercing into the very darkest depths of your guilt-ridden soul. A couple folks recalled an old comic strip referencing this very fact…the very same comic strip where I learned about it, I’m fairly certain. I couldn’t remember where the strip appeared, but thankfully one of those commentors, Chris, was good enough to send me a scan of the strip in question. The strip, drawn by Ward Batty and appearing in Comics Collector #6 (1985), was about decorating the ends of your comic boxes with faces of comic book characters, and the final tier of panels describes how to best enhance those illustrations:

Seems to me a wallful of those comic box faces staring back at me would creep me the heck out. Yikes!

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