Shelves, solicits.

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Last week, a new tenant moved into the empty storefront next door to us, and he asked us if we wanted any of the fixtures abandoned by the store that was previously there. Among said fixtures were several units of metal shelving, sized just perfectly for holding short comic book boxes. Our store didn’t need them, since we have shelving out the wazoo, but I certainly could use them…and thus, I now have a few hundred dollars’ worth of shelving, and it cost me absolutely nothing. Therefore, the storage arrangement of the vast Mikester Comic Archives will be undergoing some renovation over the next week or two…this is what I’ll be doing instead of yard work.

Yes, it’s DC Solicitations time…you know, I never do this for the Marvel solicits. Just not as fun, I guess, and each entry would probably have the simple comment “(slaps forehead in dismay),” so it’s probably just as well.

The big news is, of course, the confrontation I’d been hoping for turning up in Infinite Crisis #5. Okay, I know this makes me a complete fanboy, but I can’t wait to see it. (As a side note…please, before you do your panel-by-panel over-the-top lambasting of each new issue of IC, refer to pal Dorian’s pointed parody of same. Learn from it.)

Eddie Campbell cowrites Legends of the Dark Knight #200…it’s another Joker story, but with Campbell involved, it’ll probably be a good’un.

The history of the Earth-2 Superman runs through this month’s Superman books…I’m thinking that, after the whole Infinite Crisis thing is over and done with, we’re never going to see the Earth-2 Supes ever again. So enjoy it while you can, kids.

This Superman: The Daily Planet trade, reprinting some Silver Age stories focusing around that great metropolitan newspaper, reminds me of this Best of DC digest on the same topic. And, it looks like six of the stories from that digest are going to be in this book. It’ll be nice to have them at full size, since my aged eyes can’t easily take in those digests anymore.

Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006 – this is the kind of thing funnybook retailers hate to try to order…it’s a tie-in to a very successful series, and it looks like it’ll be good (Marv Wolfman returning to Crisis on Infinite Earths, after all), and it should sell big numbers. But, it is $5.99 a pop, which will impact sales…so should we order high, and hope it sells like IC does, or order conservatively, like we would on most $5.99 items, and hope reorders are available if it does sell well? It’s gonna put our thinkers to the task, pondering the ordering decision on this one.

Showcase Presents House of Mystery – 552 pages of classic horror comics, in black and white, by Wrightson, Toth, et al…man, sign me up for this.

What th–!? Paul Levitz and George Perez doing a new JSA story? With the Earth-2 Superman fighting the Gentleman Ghost on the cover? Suddenly, I’m 12 again. Fan-tastic.

Wildcat’s in JSA Classified, which should make you-know-who happy.

Well, the damn thing is sixty bucks, but this 13-inch deluxe Luthor figure is darn cool:

And it comes with a ray gun. A ray gun! I can’t afford it myself, but one of you generous folk out there, feel free to buy it for me.

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