"…As intimidating and dynamic as a bowl of warm oatmeal."

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A few webpages that have come in handy at the shop for finding things for customers:

The Heavy Metal Magazine Fan Page, with story and artist listings for each year, plus cover scans. I had a customer looking for “Big” Bill Stout’s and “Frankly” Frank Thorne’s contributions to the mag, and this site took me right to ’em.

Inducks.org – Great name for a great site, which has a searchable index for Disney comics, both for American releases and releases in countries where comics actually sell well. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a customer come in asking for a particular Donald Duck story, and I was able to find not only the original appearance of that story, but every reprint, with this site.

Taskmastersite.com – Yes, I had someone looking to complete his run of Taskmaster appearances. One print-out from this site later, I’ve given this customer a shopping list to use for weeks to come. I’ve talked about this site before, I’m pretty sure, but this just amuses me. A Taskmaster site. Fantastic.

Last time I did this was when Ain’t It Cool News covered an alleged X-Men 3 script…but here we are, with a supposed new promo image from Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider movie – let the AICN readers’ talkback parade begin:

“mmmmmm undead leather gay-bondage”

“I hope his ‘eyes’ aren’t lit up all the time…”

“Nic Cage is as intimidating and Dynamic as a bowl of warm oatmeal”

“PS: National Treasure sucked SO Hard it had it’s own Event Horizon…”

“A Taco Bell tie-in would be great. What a great promotion for anything spicey – HOT. Does KFC have HOTWINGS? After all, this guy is the poster boy for anything spicey – HOT.”

“When are we going to get some more pictures of Eva Mendes?”

“I think they need to get Richard Simmons to play Johnny Blaze!”

“Oh this is going to bomb in ways no one thought possible…”

“This looks so bad it reminds me of the Spawn movie.”

“looks good to me. kind of manga-inflected.”

“Warm oatmeal always gave me gas. Then, I found out, if cooked in apple cider, oatmeal can be quite tasty and digestible. Do you think Nicholas cage would be more tolerable if I knocked back a shot or two of cider before watching him mope on screen?”

“Listen, Ghost Rider can’t even make it as a comic book, so…”

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