I only read eBay for the articles, honest.

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[NOTE: Some of the following links are Not Safe for Work, so don’t blame me if you get fired.]

[ALSO NOTE: The links in this post are certain to self-destruct in a few months, so if you’re looking at this in, say, May ’06…sorry, you should have read my site sooner!]

So I was poking through old auctions on the eBay, and, as I’m sure some of you eBay addicts out there have discovered, there is a pretty good market for amateur drawings of your favorite superheroines, usually in the altogether or in so little clothing you wonder why they bothered. Unsurprisingly, Power Girl is a popular subject, such as in this somewhat disturbing topless anime version.

Sometimes you’d only know that the illustration is of a particular superheroine because the listing says it is (like the “Bunnygirl Supergirl” — cute drawing, but what makes this gal Supergirl, really?).

It’s a little easier to tell who’s who in the very accurately titled “Supergirl/Wonder Woman Kissing” auction. Good Lord, what are you people getting up to? You know there are plenty of free dirty pictures of real live women on the internet, right?

I like this one: “Sexy Babs – Batgirl on Computer” – this one’s safe for work, if you want to peek.

This is a little more naughty, and a little more nerdy…it’s the Silver Age Batgirl and the original Bat-girl, for you folks who want some comics history with your nekkid girl pics.

There’s also the occasional commissioned piece from a real, live comic book artist, like this piece by Jim Mooney of Batgirl, Supergirl, Catwoman, and plenty of nuditivity. I don’t know…I would have been embarrassed to ask Jim Mooney for nekkid pictures of superheroines.

I fully endorse the Zatanna/Black Canary Fishnet Fight drawing. It’s as if the artist reached into my brain and pulled out this image.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s Jessica Rabbit is a popular subject as well, which I’m sure thrills Disney to no end. Here’s a typical NSFW example.

I knew I was asking for trouble typing “Kitty Pryde” into the eBay search, but I had no idea. I warn you, this one will break your brain…and remember the NOT SAFE FOR WORK notice I gave you: “PHOENIX Jean Grey Rachel Kitty Pryde Spank XMEN Art.” I’m very, very sorry.

Well, if I’ve learned anything from this, it’s how to make some quick scratch on the eBay. I wonder how much I’d get selling my naked Swamp Thing drawings?

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