Whining, new comics, the future, and eBay.

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I hate it when we have a rainy new comics day, mostly because we’re scrambling to unload the funnybook-filled cardboard boxes out of the truck without getting them too wet. Yeah, I know, “boo hoo, try dealing with three feet of snow, you pansy.” What can I tell you, I’m in Southern California and thus not used to the inconvenience of this “weather” you speak of.

Anyway, we got ourselves some new comical-type books yesterday, and, well, insert your own clever transition here, because I sure can’t think of one at the moment:

Infinite Crisis #2 – I just want to comment on my surprise at seeing the extremely negative terms used within the story to describe recent events in the DC Universe. Like pal Dorian said when I pointed it out, “I wonder if they used any quotes from comic ‘blogs?”

America’s Best Comics A-Z: Greyshirt & Cobweb #1 – Okay, first, why is each installment of the ABC A-Z series considered to be a stand-alone one-shot? Why isn’t this issue ABC A-Z #2? (That’s rhetorical – I already know the answer.) Second, if at some point of your story you make reference to a character’s “ice blue eyes,” maybe you shouldn’t have an extreme close-up of that selfsame character’s brown eyes. Oops. Anyway, that Greyshirt story is by Rick Veitch, who is a very, very bad man, and I hope he never changes. Those poor apes….

House of M Decimation Day After One-Shot Hey Wolverine’s Probably in It Whatever It’s Called #1 – Is anyone genuinely interested in this storyline? It seems like most of my customers that are buying this series are sort of doing so grudgingly. “Oh, the X-Men are in it, I suppose I’d better get it. (Sigh).” And not one of them seems terribly convinced that the “permanent” results of this series are any such thing…nor should they be. (I liked pal Corey‘s comment: “These people don’t know how good they had it when Grant Morrison was writing X-Men.”)

Men of Mystery Blockbuster Special – Okay, that is a lot of pages for this item, and I realize that the costs involved in producing this small-press item are probably astronomical. But still…$24.95 for a staple-bound comic book? I know there are solid economic reasons for this, but still it stopped me a bit short. Holy cow.

Friday the 13th: Bloodbath #1 – Here is the list of variants for this item, copied ‘n’ pasted from this site:

Friday The 13th Bloodbath #1
Friday The 13th Bloodbath Foil Incentive Cvr #1
Friday The 13th Bloodbath Gore Cvr #1
Friday The 13th Bloodbath Leather Cvr #1
Friday The 13th Bloodbath Red Con Foil Cvr #1
Friday The 13th Bloodbath Terror Cvr #1
Friday The 13th Bloodbath Wraparound Cvr #1
Friday The 13th Sp Surprise Cvr #1

I’m sorry, I don’t remember what the “surprise” is…beyond the number of covers, that is, but I don’t know if that counts as a surprise, anymore.

Corpse Bride action figures – Now, normally, we wouldn’t have bothered to order these, but we had sufficient interest in this action figure series that we went ahead and ordered a case. In July. It finally showed up this week, several weeks after the movie’s opening. Hopefully the interested parties are still as such. Ah, well. Plus, I can’t shake the feeling the primary reason for this film’s existence is to sell more and different merchandise to the same crowd that had been eating up the Nightmare Before Christmas goodies.

I had a young man looking for #2 of a particular Marvel comic series. I thought he meant the actual issue #2, but eventually I figured out that he meant the second trade paperback. In fact, he was confused by the very idea of individual, monthly comic books being reprinted under one cover. Such is the way of the future, I suppose.

“THE SIMPSONS Homer as Deathstroke”

“Just imagine Bart as Robin, Lisa as Raven and Milhouse as Beast Boy taking on Homer as Slade Wilson.”

I’ve imagined it, and now I can’t get it out of my head.

EDIT: Since this auction will be deleted from the eBay’s servers eventually, I thought I’d steal the image and put it up here for posterity:

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