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I’ve written a lot on this site over the last week or two, and hopefully one or two of you have read what I cranked out here…but today, just some linkage, to give myself (and you!) a break:

So a lot of you saw this Monet Does Swamp Thing Photoshop contest entry at Worth1000, and immediately thought of me, judging by the number of e-mails I received telling me about it.

But you know what the sad part is? Before I received a single e-mail about it, my Swamp Thing-sense had already taken me right to that page. I had even downloaded the image for use as a desktop picture (or “wallpaper,” to you Windows-ites).

That doesn’t mean “stop sending the Swampy links,” by any means. You see anything Swamp Thing-related that perhaps I may not have seen, pass the link along, by all means!

I’ve been meaning to point you folks in his direction for a while, but Scott Saavedra posted several pencil sketches over a five-day period (which you can see here, here, here, here, and here). Good stuff…go check it out.

“The monsters look nasty, but artist Bernie Wrightson says they are fun to draw”

Interesting news bit from that interview: Wrightson is working on a revival of the ’90s cartoon Biker Mice from Mars, and is redesigning the main characters.

“One mess begat another: confusion reigns supreme in the latest DC Comics debacle”

“I couldn’t resist buying Infinite Crisis, DC’s new piece of crap. I read it with mixed feelings […] Throughout most of the story I was lost, but it ends in such an unexpectedly memorable way that it suggests that DC may be ready to pull its head out of its ass.”

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