Smallville, Aquaman, some linkage…you know, there’s a reason I don’t put titles on every post.

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So I haven’t done any Smallville talk here for a while, but I had a couple comments about the latest episode. One, I liked the characterization of guest-hero Arthur Curry, AKA “Aquaman” — it was a nice, cocky, good-humored approach to a character that 1) doesn’t get a whole lot of respect, generally, and 2) has too often been portrayed as being angsty and angry in some kind of attempt to build respect.

Two, pal Dorian mentioned prior to my seeing the episode that Lex Luthor is now in full-on mustache-twirling villain mode, building superweapons and such. Seems to me that Clark is as much at fault for this relationship breaking down as Lex is…if Clark had just said “oh, yeah, I survived getting hit by your car because I’m super-strong,” none of this would have happened. But then, I suppose we wouldn’t have had a series!

And three, these lines:

Arthur: “We should form a group…some kind of Junior Lifeguard Association.”

Clark: “I don’t think I’m ready for the JLA.”

Oh, you huge teases. But that did get me thinking about what other Justice League of America characters could show up on the show.

Batman: No way, no how, according to Smallville‘s producers. The success of Batman Begins means Bats is sticking to the silver screen.

Wonder Woman: Unless the supposedly forthcoming film is delayed or outright cancelled, due to the poor showing of director Joss Whedon’s last film Serenity, I wouldn’t expect WW to pop up either.

Hawkman: I think it’d be absolutely fantastic, but a guy with wings flying around Smallville may be pushing it a bit.

Green Lantern: Not likely, since, if they stick close to the comics, this opens Smallville up to the presence of a whole bunch more alien beings, and I think they’ve got their hands full just dealing with Kryptonians. Plus, I get the feeling that they’ll have the GL rings made of (or at least powered by) Kryptonite since, you know, they’re both green and all. You know how TV works.

Green Arrow: Now this could probably work, since this is a character that’s a little more down to earth, and easy to fit into Smallville‘s setting. My idea was an older, anti-establishment college professor who strikes against “the man” at night…pal Dorian’s idea was a fellow college student, rebelling against his spoiled rich upbringing as a campus radical.

Vibe: Oh, relax, I’m just kidding. But, you know, his powers are within the standard range of abilities we’ve seen during the series…and what I wouldn’t give to see a breakdancing superhero on a current TV show.

On a related note, a while back (under March 6th) I noted that you could have the Legion of Super-Heroes actually appear on the show (since at least one episode has dealt with time-travel setting that precedent). Three mysterious students show up on campus, and Clark discovers that they have super-powers (one can shoot lightning, the other has magnetic powers, and the third can read minds). Plus, they seem to know an awful lot about Clark, and also seem to know what’s going to happen before it happens. And they mysteriously vanish by the end of the episode.

I’m not holding my breath.

Ken at Ringwood resurfaces, and the Comicsweblogosphere is all the better for it. Ken, you magnificent bastard, you need to post more…Doom commands it!

A big ol’ “Congrats” to the mighty Laura “Tegan” Gjovaag, who celebrates three years of posting on her weblog and somehow remaining relatively sane. And, as she is the mistress of all things Aquaman-ish, go read her thoughts on the latest Smallville.

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