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Just got a copy of the new BOOM! Studios release Giant Monster by Steve Niles and Nat Jones, courtesy Ross Richie…it’s a good old-fashioned sci-fi “horrible space accident unleashes a giant monster on Earth” story — if this were a movie, the monster would be played by a guy in a rubber suit, smashing scale model cities, throwing toy boats. It’s a bit more horrific than the monster movies that clearly inspired it (this is Steve Niles, the fella what brung you 30 Days of Night, after all), but still there’s a sense of goofy fun through the book…despite the horror, the tongue is very firmly in cheek here. Nat Jones’ art is clear and detailed, conveying the horror without going for the gross-out (which could have been very easy to do in some scenes).

This should be in your better comic shops today. It’s the first of two issues…you can see the cover of issue 2 here.

Hot on the heels of the Doc Doom’s euphemisms for sex thing, posted here a few days ago, comes Doctor Doom for Homecoming King. Hey, I was Prom King my senior year…Doom wants to be Homecoming King? Wimp. I can take him, easy.

A review of the Elektra: Unrated Director’s Cut DVD:

“…The additional touches of violence (cut for ratings) and the demonstrations of the time-warping powers that Elektra and the Hand possess add a marginal level of darkness that doesn’t really elevate the poor original to a level of actual quality as much as give a glimpse of what could’ve been if only the filmmakers had chosen not to screw up the rich source material.”

Sad: Lone Ranger artist Tom Gill has passed away. As per usual, Mark Evanier has a nice write-up on the man and his work.

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