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My primary reaction to the new DC solicitations:

Gah, it’s hideous!

And hasn’t there already been a “baby Superman arrives in Smallville statue” or did I just imagine that? (At least they’re paying attention to detail…the rocket in the Smallville statue looks identical to the one in this statue, showing Supes’ Kryptonian parents preparing him for his escape.)

Speaking of Superman, I was finally finishing up the Showcase Presents Superman tome, and was reading the story “How Perry White Hired Clark Kent,” when I noticed a couple things.

One, Clark’s living in a Metropolis apartment, paying his rent in cash for at least two months, causing his landlady to inquire after his source of income:

The question is never answered…where did Clark get his money? He didn’t sell the Kent home, since later stories show that he still owns the Smallville properties. The most likely answer is that Clark is living off the insurance money he collected after his adoptive parents died (and perhaps off whatever savings his family had)…a little morbid, I suppose, but I prefer that answer to Superman pocketing a twenty here and there from every bank robber he apprehends.

Plus, Clark cheats like crazy to get his Daily Planet job, which is behavior we’ve seen before. Perry tests Clark’s knowledge of past Planet stories, which Clark is able to answer by using his super-vision to read the answers directly out of the paper’s archives.

On top of that, later in the story he dons a gorilla costume to fake an event at the zoo just so he can get a scoop, not to mention the fact that Clark’s primary source of newstories, once he actually does become a reporter, is reporting on his own activities as Superman. I know I’ve said it before, but man, for someone fighting against evil, he’s sure piling up the ethical dilemmas.

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