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What did I learn this past week? That the people want Doctor Doom sex jokes. Holy frijole, I blew through some bandwidth right quick. Thanks to pal Andy (and everyone who gets their links from pal Andy) for the attention.

I’ve been pondering a theory regarding new comics for quite a while now, and I think it holds true for the most part. Let me know if you can come up with any exceptions:

The quality of a new comic book series is inversely proportionate to the amount of related “preview” books, sketchbooks, script and/or rough-pencilled page books, etc., that are released prior to that series’ debut.

Speaking of comic promos, I recently received an envelope in the store mail filled with promotional trading cards for a forthcoming comic book series. The accompanying letter stated that we were receiving these promo cards because fans in our local area were writing to the company and requesting that these cards be made available to them. And that, since there was such demand in our area, we should of course order lots of the comic in question to meet said demand.

Yeah, since I was apparently born yesterday, I’ll jump right on that.

Things I did at work on Saturday, while processing some inventory — idly making up scenarios for Marvel’s What If series:

“What if Daredevil became the Punisher, joined the Avengers, and fought Galactus during the Secret Wars?”

“What if the Fantastic Four were the Fantastic Fourteen?”

“What if Peter Parker had been bitten by a radioactive tongue-eating fish parasite?”

“What if Wolverine had been Lord of the Vampires during Inferno?” (Oh, wait, I didn’t make that one up.)

Confidential to pal JP: I wasn’t making up the “avenging the dead puppy” genre of war comics, honest! (I first saw this referenced in some fanzine or another, probably Amazing Heroes.)

For those of you who were worried (and I’m sure some of you were), Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 sales have finally picked up at our shop. Thank goodness…I’d hate to think one of the half-dozen or so Spidey titles on the shelves in any given month was a poor seller. That might indicate that, oh, I don’t know, that there were more Spidey titles than the market could support, or something.

Your casual dismissal of the comics industry for the day:

“You may think that gamers are much like comic book geeks. They are not. Games are a multi-billion dollar business, on par with other entertainment mediums.”

Ooh, harsh. (via Metafilter)

EDIT: To clarify my comments about the AC Comics’ Nightveil DVD…I wasn’t trying to be overly negative about it, and I hope I didn’t give anyone that impression. The movie does look like cheesy, low-budget fun, which is the best kind of fun, as I’m sure you’ll all agree. Congrats to the folk at AC for being able to pull together the resources to produce and release their own film.

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