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Okay, now let’s be clear about something first: I’m really not trying to pick on Femforce or the company that publishes it, AC Comics. They’ve stuck it out all this time, though the black and white bust and the ’90s market crash, and they’re still around…Femforce just had its 133rd issue, for goodness’ sake. And AC has reprinted a lot of classic (and, ahem, not so classic) Golden Age comics in affordable formats. So God bless ’em, sez I.

But they’ve been advertising this Nightveil direct-to-DVD release on their recent comics, and…well, go on, just look at it. I’m going to guess that sales to Femforce readers alone won’t offset the DVD production costs…I’m guessing fetish market sales will take up the slack. I mean, one of the selling points on that page I linked to is “there is the fun cat-fight between Nightveil and Crimson,” so c’mon, they know where the money’s at.

I also like the semi-apologetic tone of the sales pitch…it’s a welcome change from the “THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!” ballyhooing you usually get from the comic companies:

“The special effects, though not to be compared to blockbuster hits like STAR WARS, are pretty neat considering the budget. Nightveil flies, floats and fires beams from her fingers. So does Crimson. Azagoth, the floating eye, fires heat beams that incinerate the thugs. The trips thru space are quite nice.”

That undersell is quite charming, actually.

I have no idea if this film is any good or not (though, um, I can probably hazard a guess), but it looks like they had fun making it, at least.

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