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Well, I’ll probably have more to say about this week’s release of Infinite Crisis later (see The Comics Reporter for a round-up of other commentary), but I am glad to see that the implicit context of the last year’s worth of DC Universe events is made explicit in this series (in that the “darkening” of the DCU needs to be addressed, “what has been rent asunder must be restored” and all that). Looks good so far, but time will tell if this will be more successful in its stated purpose than, say, Zero Hour (which was intended to correct continuity problems from Crisis on Infinite Earths, and, well, didn’t exactly succeed).

I will say that pal Dorian and I have noted that the George Perez cover is outselling the Jim Lee cover. Interesting.

Pal Dorian shows me a comic that came out this week. My response to said comic: “So the artist’s motiviation on this comic is ‘maybe if I draw this girl I know into a comic, maybe she’ll sleep with me?'”

I wasn’t in a good mood when I said that. You’ll have to excuse me.

Any given customer: “Hey, is this Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man a new series?”

Me: “Yes, it certainly is. Written by Peter David, too!”

Customer: “Cool! …Hey, what’s this ‘Other’ business?”

Me: “Um…well, it’s a 12-part crossover going across the main Spidey comi….”

Customer: “Oh, well, never mind.” (puts comic back on rack)

(Okay, I exaggerate slightly…but not much.)

Speaking of Peter David, I sort of resent the fact that a large chunk of his return to writing the Hulk was taken up by House of M tie-ins. Feh, I say.

Pal Ian is all over the new issue of The Comics Journal…clearly the bribes have paid off.

Oh, I’m just kidding. Go read, you…it’s #271, the one with the great green Joker cover.

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