The joke is on you.

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(by request of Jay in Tennessee)

The Ha-Hacienda, your online guide to all things Joker-y.

An absolutely terrifying Joker painting.

An index to the Golden Age appearances of the Joker.

“The Joker from TV’s Batman Giclee Print!”

Here’s a bio and interesting pic for the Joker from the fan-written alternate Batman history, “Ghetto Batman.” (Don’t blame me.)

The Joker is somewhere in this collection of Batman: The Animated Series POGs.

Joker robot!

Batman movie Joker Kubrick! AAAAAH!

WARNING – SELF-LINK: I discuss the ending of The Killing Joke (under March 4th – may need to scroll to it), and how it can be read as the death of the Joker. (This previous version of a Wikipedia article on The Killing Joke had included a huge chunk of that post of mine in the body of the article. It’s since been removed from the current version. I’m still in the Brian Bolland article, though!)

The Joker loves his Hostess Cakes! (The last panel of this ad is actually laugh-out-loud funny.)

Batman versus the Joker, Hembeck-style.

Seems like every comic book character has been adapted to the Hero System role playing game, and the Joker is no exception.

I don’t know who brought this to our attention first, but here’s a good overview of the “Joker’s Boner” comics that swept the internet a few months ago.

And as long as we’re on the topic….

An image of Conrad Veidt from The Man Who Laughs – said to have inspired the Joker’s appearance.

The Cesar Romero Tribute Page features a photo gallery with images of the actor as the Joker on the ’60s Batman TV show.

A synopsis and review of the Joker: Last Laugh crossover mini-series.

The Silver Age Batgirl and Joker action figure set is reviewed.

“Who created the Joker?”

Joker Micro-heroes.

You The Man Now presents – Lex Luthor and the Joker. This kills me…if you visit no other link in this post, you must see this one.

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