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More questions, more answers:

Knitter asks “Are my brother and I the only people who remember (and still own) The Amazing Slapstick?”

No, no, I remember Slapstick…in fact, I believe he was the first (only?) Marvel Comics character to make his first appearance in a trading card set, rather than a comic book. And judging by the number of people who reference Slapstick to me at the store, I’m sure plenty of others remember him as well.

Chris wants to know “what superhero has a weakness to pure metals?”

Mon-El has a weakness to lead, which is pretty much all I can think of off the top of my head. Though, I’m pretty sure, there’s a character out there for whom Gold is his (or her) Kryptonite.

Pal Dan asks “what are you going to do after popular culture finally implodes?”

Go to Disneyla…oh, wait, that’ll be gone, too.

Shane hits me with more questions: “Who’s the man?” (Stan Lee.) “Where’s the beef?” (Right here.) “Why are we here?” (To read my site. Oh, you mean in general. You’re on your own, there.) “What’s the answer?” (42.) “Why me?” (You had it comin’.)

Pal Evilbeard takes me to task for not directly answering his Hawkgirl question: “Oh sure you’ll answer their high falutin’ questions directly but perfectly innocent question about Hawkgirl only gets a passing mention.”

So, once and for all, here is the question he asked me in e-mail:

“Well in that episode [of Justice League Unlimited], Hawkgirl clearly spent the night with a guy she had just met and seemed awfully happy about it. What I want to know is when she was at the height of sexual pleasure would she moan like a human woman or get her feathers all ruffled and scream out ‘Caw! Caw! Caw!?'”

My answer was that, yes, she went “caw caw caw,” because now I have that vision stuck in my head, and I want it stuck in all of yours, too.

Pal Dorian asks “why do you hate America?”

What, are you trying to get me on a list, somewhere? (I’m probably already on a list because of this.)

The High Priest of the Church of Klugman (long may he wave) queries “do you like gladiator movies?”

Just the ones where the barely-dressed men, sweaty in the studio lights sun, wrestle each other and smack their long, hard swords together in passion.

And H asks “who is Chalk?”

Oh, I know who Chalk is, but I’ll never tell!

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