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Popular sellers at the store, lately:

Sonic the Hedgehog – sells very well to children, and has done so for years. Probably one of our top movers in the back issue department as well. It’s the only comic some kids read.

Batman Adventures (and the other Batman animated series-based comics) – they’re usually consistent back issue sellers, but over the last few weeks they’ve just been flying out the door. Mostly kids are buying these, but some adults as well. It’s interesting to note that most of the people buying the Batman Adventures titles couldn’t care less about the regular Batman line of books. (I know it was the only Bat-book I bought consistently for over a decade.)

Preacher trade paperbacks – sales off our Vertigo bookshelves seem to go in waves. The Vertigo trades are always good sellers, but occasionally one title will see a marked increase in sales. For a while there, we couldn’t keep Fables books in stock. Then all of a sudden, Y The Last Man trades were selling faster than I could restock them. Then Lucifer was the hot item. Right now, and for the last month or two, Preacher books are the in-demand item.

Cheap issues of ’60s Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, and Daredevil – we’ve got a reputation for strict grading and reasonable pricing, if I may toot our own horn a little, so people looking for reading copies of ’60s Marvels know that they can generally get them from us for cheap. (Or, if I were a cynical man, I’d say that they could get VG copies for cheap from us, that they could resell as VFs.) No demand for early Doctor Strange, only a little demand for X-Men, and we had demand for early Fantastic Four, but, as usual, the movie put a stop to that.

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