All the news that’s fit to reprint.

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From The Comic Reader #123 (October 1975):

“Casting is still up in the air (so to speak) for SUPERMAN ’76 but the trades have Burt Reynolds likely as the Man of Steel with Mary Tyler Moore possible as Lois. Clark will be a talk-show host in the film….”

From The Comic Reader #126 (January 1976)…what I wouldn’t give to see this:

“The November 26 episode of the Tom Snyder-hosted TOMORROW program entertained the notion of putting on an hour about the comic book industry. […] We got…a Marvel collector who insisted on being called ‘Spidey.’ …His blanket generalizations about comics only fed more fuel to Tom’s continually growing fire of ignorance about comics and collecting. Finally, Tom brought out Carmine Infantino, Stan Lee and Julius Schwartz, who somehow only rated a half an hour out of the show — and were forced to share it with ‘Spidey’ — a loyal and vociferous member of the ‘If It’s Not A Marvel, It’s Crap’ camp.”

From The Comic Reader #94 (February 1973)…they had no idea what was coming:

“Coming in May is Prez, the Joe Simon book which I cover-previewed last issue. It’s almost impossible to describe, however, it is the story of Prez Rickard, the frist teen president of the USA. There are all sorts of weird supporting characters floating around too, like an Indian boy who becomes the chief of the FBI.”

From The Comic Reader #148 (September 1977):

“As everyone is aware by now, STAR WARS is doing incredibly well. So well, in fact, that it may soon surpass JAWS for most money grossed at the box office. In any case, the Marvel adaptation is doing well too — so well that Marvel is going into unprecedented second printings of the six issue series (much to the chagrin of all the speculators who bought up huge lots and are charging ransom prices).”

Also from #148:

“I’m told Roy Thomas explained in San Diego that the reason he or any other Marvel writer isn’t involved in any of the Marvel TV projects is because Universal demanded that they not be. Perhaps they felt that they might rise above the usual level of Universal mediocrity.”

From The Comic Reader #154 (March 1978):

“Superman battles Kobra in SUPERMAN #327, and then The Kryptonoid in #328.”

Okay, there’s not really anything funny about that last one. I just miss the simplicity of comic book news of old, sometimes….

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