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So that Identity Crisis “theory” I posted about this morning, about how, perhaps, it’s the Golden Age Superman as the villain, invading current DC continuity? Devon at Seven Hells had a similar idea, also referencing the Golden Age Supes.

A couple other ideas have cropped up…like commenter Nico’s idea that it’s, in fact, the Golden Age Lois Lane who’s behind the shenanigans, and commenter John, who votes for Supes’ pal (and Lana Lang paramour) Vartox.

Gee whiz, I miss Vartox. Okay his costume was a little…eh, well, but I liked the idea of Superman having a super-buddy that was pretty much just his pal, and not a member of the Justice League or anything.

Yeah, I know how that sounds. Don’t look at me like that.

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