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Man, I do go on a bit, don’t I? If you actually read all that stuff I’ve written over the last couple weeks, you deserve a gold star, or a cookie, or something.

I’ve been in kind of a looking-backward mood lately, I guess, what with that clearing out the store’s back room project I’ve been working on. After seeing tons of forgotten Image titles, each with a handful of associated variant covers, the mind just wanders in that direction, you know?

On top of that, I’ve been poking through my fanzine collection, finding some choice old news bits. For example, here’s something from The Comic Reader #188 (May 1975):

“ABC has another pilot for Wonder Woman coming up — entitled ‘The New, Original Wonder Woman’ starring someone named Lynda Carter as the Amazon this time and Lyle Waggoner late of the CAROL BURNETT SHOW as Steve Trevor.”

Hard to imagine a time when Lynda Carter wasn’t the ’70s TV icon she is today, isn’t it?

This space left intentionally blank. Well, except for that sentence. And that last one. And…well, you know.

Two side effects from managing a comic shop:

1. Helping a customer with back issues, coming across some comics you personally own and enjoyed, and suddenly being filled with the urge to pull out your own copies and reread them. This just happened to me with Matt Wagner’s Mage series.

2. Having to manage comic stock at the store keeps one from wanting to deal with comic storage at home. I think I catalog and file the new acquisitions into the vast Mikester Comic Archives about, oh, once every two months. Imagine my surprise when I discoverd that I’m going to have to add a second box to the Hellblazer run, and add yet another box to the Legion of Super-Heroes run.

I’ve got too many gosh darn comics.

From a few days ago:

Me (noticing a song currently on the CD player): “Hey, what musical is this song from?”

Pal Dorian (completely disgusted with my ignorance): “It’s from Kiss Me Kate!”

Me: “Geez, you don’t need to bite my head off!”

Dor: “Well, look who you’re asking! If anyone was going to know….”

Me: “‘Oh, if only I worked with a gay man with an interest in musicals who could answer my question!'”

Also a few days ago, the topic came up at the store regarding some new Inspector Gadget animation project, and that the Gadget part was cast with a new voice actor. My response was basically along the lines of “man, they could have at least given Don Adams a break and let him reprise the part he originated.”

I had no idea he was in such poor health.


Rest easy, Mr. Adams.

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