Conversations with Kid Chris – The Final Chapter

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KC: “Hey, can Magnus Robot Fighter beat Red Tornado in a fight?”

M: “Well, I don’t know…not necessarily.”

KC: “No? But he’s Magnus Robot Fighter!”

M: “Yeah, but he’s not ‘Magnus Beat Every Robot in a Fight Every Time.’ Maybe he’s one of those guys that can’t fight worth a damn, and always gets his ass handed to him, but still keeps picking fights anyway.”


Somehow the subject came up of the Punisher as a leprechaun, and Kid Chris proceeded to dance a little jig and sing the following “song” in a bad Irish accent:

“I age in real time
Unlike the rest of Marvel;
I fought in Vietnam….”

Okay, that doesn’t translate well into weblog form, but trust me, it was darn strange.

And, yes, this is indeed the last installment of “Conversations with Kid Chris” — I wish I had more conversations to relate, but we were pretty darn busy today, and no time for idle chit-chat. I mean, aside from the singing, dancing, and the bad Irish accents. Kid Chris is fired leaving us to attend UCLA, where hopefully they’ll knock some sense into him. Monday is his last day of work at our store, and I’m unfortunately off that day, but I bet pal Dorian will give him a going-away present he’s sure to never forget.

In other, non-Kid Chris related news:

Not only is All-Star Batman and Robin #2 selling well for us, but even more copies of #1 are flying out the door! But…but…but everyone on the internet says it’s bad…don’t these people read the internet? What’s wrong with them?

Oops, sorry, someone nudged my sarcast-o-meter up a few notches. My apologies.

Really, ASB&R #1 was okay, but #2 was a blast. Big, dumb fun, even if Miller’s explicit statement about Batman’s behavior toward Robin (that he was testing the boy for his reactions) was too subtle for some people to get (“He just called Robin a retard! That’s totally out of character!”).

Plus, the comic made me laugh. (With it, not at it, smart guy.)

What’s this terrible, terrible slander about me being less that saint-like? Why, I’m a prince among men, I am, with nary a naughty bone in my body.

However, perhaps, just between us, I’ll admit sometimes I get really riled up about something comics-related at the shop, and, because I’m generally an easy going guy, by the time I get around to writing about it that evening or the next day on the weblog, my anger has generally dissipated.

Which is just as well. I’m doing this site to have fun, not to stoke my anger into some kind of raging fire. Which, I realize, may make this site more fun for some of you, but I’ve got enough grey hair, thank you…I don’t need to encourage any more sprouting on my head.

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