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“Roberts Continues To Stonewall On Logan v. Wayne”

“‘Powers?’ interjected committee Chairman Sen. Arlen Specter. ‘Batman doesn’t even have any powers. So my colleague’s implication that Batman is even in the same league as Wolverine is nothing short of wishful thinking, wouldn’t you agree, Mr Roberts?'”

“Public Enemy Return to Comics in 2006”

“‘While they are touring the world they act as agents of peace and justice and help people whenever they are in need. They don’t have super powers but they still kick major ass. There will be lots of adventure and action as well as social commentary reflecting many of today’s issues.'”

“Parents Worried over Porno Comics on Net”

“‘Children should not be allowed to surf the Net alone. Parents should accompany them. Parents may also need to help their children find desirable comic websites so they would not be unnecessarily exposed to porn comic websites….'”

“‘V for Vendetta’ graphic novel is worth a read”

“‘V for Vendetta’ is a very complicated graphic novel that only more mature people will be able to understand. And it also contains content that is appropriate for only mature readers.

“The graphic novel contains great quotes and rhymes that make very much sense while also making no sense at all. One of these is: ‘Happiness is a prison, happiness is the most insidious prison of all.'”

Via linkbunnies.org: “Star Wars costume surfaces in fancy dress shop”

“‘When you look at this very old brown fabric you wouldn’t think much of it, but when you see Guinness wearing it you realise it is iconic.'”

“Disturbed Unveil McFarlane Album Art”

“‘We wanted to bring our old icon, the Disturbed smiley face, whom we call “the guy,” to life. […] Being a fan of the Spawn comic book series and the artwork that Todd and his company have done in the past, we could think of no better team to bring this idea to life.'”

“Superman has a small todger: official”

“Just how pointy does Superman’s schlong have to be before Middle America reaches for its Bible and its assault rifle?”

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