More conversations with Kid Chris.

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KC: “Hey, Shadowman is fighting Aerosmith in this issue!”

M: “All good men must rise up and fight when the threat of Aerosmith looms over our great nation.”

KC: “You know, for all the bashing Brian Michael Bendis gets, he did actually get people to start reading Avengers. God bless that man.”

KC: “What’s up with this Liefeld Captain America comic? Why’d he only do half the series?”

M: “Because it was so crappy. It was so damn crappy even Marvel noticed how crappy it was.”

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I may have used a word other than “crappy.”]

KC: “Hey, do you think there’s anyone out there who got themselves a Valiant Comics tattoo way back when?”

M: “‘Man, I love my H.A.R.D. Corps tattoo! Valiant Comics will always be popular!’

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