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Before I talk about anything else, I want to plug Scott Saavedra’s generous incentives for donating to the Red Cross. Donate a certain amount of money, forward the e-mail receipt to Mr. Saavedra, get free comics! Read this post for details.

Okay, let’s look at this panel from yesterday’s post again:

First, what kind of a fascist device is a “guilt detector,” anyway? And how exacting is it? They were looking for someone guilty of treason, but what if Matter-Eater Lad was feeling guilty about, oh, I don’t know, polishing off that last box of Cheez-Its and not leaving any for the other Legionnaires?

Second, for those of you unfamiliar with the Legion, that person sorta lamely pointing at Matter-Eater Lad is Cosmic Boy, the Legionnaire with the power of super-magnetism. M-E Lad is eating metal bars. Why Cosmic Boy didn’t use his powers to wrap the metal bars around M-E Lad (which he was perfectly capable of doing) is beyond me. Or Cosmic Boy could have just tackled him…he was what, two feet away?

Third, trying to expose a criminal’s guilt right next to something explicitly called an “escape corridor” just seems to be asking for trouble.

So remember last week, when I said I was resisting buying Ed the Happy Clown since I already have the story in two other formats?

Well, this week I picked up The Secret of the Swamp Thing, the digest…excuse me, manga-sized reprinting of the original ten issues by Len Wein and Berni(e) Wrightson.

Those are stories I already have as the following:

1. The original 1970s comics

2. The four issues (#2, #14, #17, #20) of DC Special Series from the late ’70s, reprinting those same issues

3. Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis, a trade paperback reprinting this issues

I also have the ’80s Tor Books black and white paperback, reprinting the first three issues.

Sad, really. Hopefully they won’t do an Archive edition, or one of those black and white Showcase books (though the latter format may be the only way we’ll ever see those post-Wrightson Swamp Things in print ever again).

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