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So on Wednesday, pal Dorian, Kid Chris, and I were discussing the classic Legion of Super-Heroes member Matter-Eater Lad, and three points came up:

1. Why did the Legion takes on M-E Lad as a member, while passing up heroes with useful powers like, say, Polar Boy?

2. Could M-E Lad eat energy? If not, would his ability to eat light be final proof that light is a particle, and not a wave? (NOTE: I’m no physicist.)

3. Dorian wondered if and when the “realistic” version of M-E Lad shows up in Mark Waid’s current Legion series, if, like a fly, he’d vomit up his stomach acids onto whatever he wants to eat, then suck the remains into his body. Hoo boy.

Anyway, the motion was carried that Matter-Eater Lad is indeed a swell Legionnaire, despite the silly name and the sillier power.

And, just because Dorian didn’t think I’d be able to do it, here’s a mighty pile o’links on this sadly-underrated superhero:

Brush up on your knowledge of Matter-Eater Lad’s origin, powers, and history with this extensive overview.

Lucid Kid looks at the Ms in DC’s Who’s Who series, kicking off with M-E Lad.

Here’s a sketch of M-E Lad in action by Jeff Moy.

A page just for Matter-Eater Lad Micro-heroes.

Guess who’s on Captain Comics’ list of Silly Super Names?

The Matter-Eater Blog comes to Matter-Eater Lad’s defense.

Matter-Eater Lad shows up on this page of custom Pocket Heroes (2nd and 3rd from the bottom).

Full-sized custom figures can be found here and here (near bottom of page).

Mike Grell: “Least favorite [to illustrate] was Matter-Eater Lad, just because his power was every bit as stupid as his name.”

Lyrics and chords for Guided by Voices’ song “Matter-Eater Lad.”

The many faces of Tenzil Kem – M-E Lad as illustrated by Legion’s army of artists.

He, or, rather, “she” shows up as “Matter-Eater Lass” on this page of transgendered heroes.

Number 51 on this page is a custom Heroclix of M-E lad.

Mattereaterlad.com is a weblog/pictures-log that has nothing to do with comics.

The name of this painting is “Matter-Eater Lad,” but also has nothing to do with the character.

Second entry down on this page features “Great Matter-Eater Lad moments.”

Completely random M-E Lad reference in this interview with writer Jordan Ellenberg.

Funny when people bring up Matter-Eater Lad in a discussion (like here and here), they feel the need to emphasize that they didn’t make him up. (Points to the person at the second link, who’s championing Arm-Fall-Off Boy.)

For those of you playing the Champions superhero role-playing game, here are the stats.

This person would like to see Olympic swimmer Lenny Krayzelburg as M-E Lad in a theoretical Legion of Super-Heroes movie.

The all M-E Lad ish of Legion of Super-Heroes.

Legion fan art, including you-know-who.

A math/logic puzzle references M-E Lad in an amusing way.

I have reason to believe that these Smallville Season 5 spoilers (including a Matter-Eater Lad appearance) may be less than serious.

Legionnaires matched to popular songs: Matter-Eater Lad? “Eat It.”

Keith Giffen: “…Every group should have a Matter-Eater Lad, you know? A character that [makes you wonder], ‘Why are you there?'”

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