Conversations with Kid Chris

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Kid Chris: “So, how many Native American superheroes have there been?”

Me: “Well, there was Super-Chief….”

KC: “Super-Chief? He wasn’t really a superhero — he was more of a western hero.”

Me: “Pretty much the same thing in this case, I think.”

KC: “Well, how ’bout Jonah Hex? Do you think he’s a superhero?”

Me: “Of course he is! He travelled through time!”

KC: “That’s not super…that’s amazing!”

(Kid Chris and I are talking about a particular person who’ll be taking over his job at the store, when KC leaves to school in a couple weeks)

KC: “He should do fine working here…and he likes Marvel a lot.”

Me: “That’s okay, we should have at least one person here who likes Marvel.”

(from a month or so ago; not about comics…or is it?)

Me: “Hey, I have an idea.”

KC: “What?”

Me: “I can set up a bunch of lawnchairs in my backya…er, business area, and charge people to sun themselves.”

KC: “What?”

Me: “Yeah, it could be like, ‘Mike’s Sun Salon.’ It’d be great. I’ll make a fortune charging people to use my property to get a tan.”

KC: “Think people will go for it?”

Me: “Of course! Most people are really stupid. They’ll pay lots of money to do anything so long as they think it’s exclusive. Having a large fence to keep the commoners out will help.”

KC: “What if it rains?”

Me: “I bet I can come up with some kind of ‘rain is good for the skin’ excuse. I can charge people to sit in my backya…er, business area, and get rained on.”

KC: “I want to go into business with you.”

Me: “I just told you what a crook I am. Why would you trust me enough to go into business with me?”

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