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1. Hey, wait a minute…the figure in that Marvel Comics Star Wars corner box looks nothing like Mark Hamill:



2. Apparently, my post about the Human Fly from a few days ago has triggered something primal and frightening in the head of Tim O’Neil, because suddenly he’s got a couple mighty posts on the very same topic, with more to come. Essential reading! Well, as essential as anything about ’70s footnote “The Human Fly” can possibly be, I guess.

3. One of my longtime customers had been after a particular mid-80s Marvel comic for quite some time. Nothing special about the comic, not “valuable” or a “collector’s item” by any means…just an issue from a short run series that never sold terribly well, and the issue was from late in the run so its print run was surely lower still. So, about once a month, when I’d see this customer, he’d ask me “did you get it in yet?” “No,” I’d answer, with great and sincere remorse. This has gone on for several years.

My latest monthly encounter with this customer was this past Friday, when he informed me that, after years and years of searching, he finally found a copy of the comic in question. I was sad that I wasn’t able to get the comic for him, but, as a comic collector myself, I know what it’s like to finally fill that gosh-dang stupid hole in your run after looking for so many years, so I was happy for him as well.

Later that afternoon, we purchased a sizable comic book collection for the shop.

In that collection…a copy of the very comic this customer had been seeking for so long.


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