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After yesterday’s magnum opus, I think I’ll keep it short ‘n’ sweet today:

1. Pal Dorian has reported to me that he’s received several phone calls from people looking for Marvel Comics’ Logan’s Run #2 from 1977. Aside from being the only issue of Logan’s Run I owned as a kid, there’s nothing particularly special about this issue that makes it stand out. It’s drawn by George Perez, but so are most of the issues. It’s written by David Kraft, but again, so are most of ’em.

Usually, when we’re asked for Logan’s Run, it’s for the issue with the Thanos back-up story. But #2? No idea. I wonder if this is another case of the Masters of the Universe situation I found myself in a few years back, where just by apparent coincidence, everyone started looking for the same oddball Marvel comic all at once.

2. For those of you patiently waiting for the long-delayed Wha-huh comic from Marvel, I can report that it’s finally turned up in the preview packs sent to retailers, so supposedly we can expect it on the shelves next week.

Well, both pal Dorian and I have read it, and, alas, it ain’t a patch on the original What If humor issue (#34, from 1982), or even the second less-funny all-humor What If issue (also #34, from 1992). The art by Jim Mahfood is nice, and the story “What if the Black Panther Was White” had some good jokes in it, but overall – eh. That Identity Crisis parody is just baffling, and if you manage to blow a parody of internet message boards, friend, you just aren’t trying.

3. I’m rapidly approaching post #1000 on my site, here…any suggestions as to what to do for that momentous occasion? (Aside from “retire,” that is.)

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