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So pal Dorian posted this dopey Birds of Prey panel, where a gun that was used in a crime was disposed of by one of our heroes by tossing it into a sewer drain and not, say, giving it to the police or anything.

And that reminded me of a scene that apparently appeared in a Marvel comic sometime in the late 70s/early 80s, that unfortunately I didn’t see myself. Rather, I read a reference to it in one of the many, many fanzines I have in the vast Mikester Comic Archives…but, again unfortunately, I don’t remember which one. The scene I’m thinking of involved a character disposing of a gun by…flushing it down a toilet.

Now, I was around guns a lot in my younger days, so I’m somewhat familiar with them. And I am also somewhat familiar with toilets, having found good use for them on occasion over the years. And I’m fairly certain, unless it’s a really small gun and/or a really large toilet, you ain’t getting rid of a gun that way.

Anyway, what I’m asking is if any of you know where the comic panel appeared, if it did appear and it’s not a figment of my fevered brain, and if you could let me know where. I’d like to see it for myself. I’m pretty sure it’s in a Spider-Man comic, and Bill Mantlo may be the writer responsible. I suppose I could plow though the store’s run of Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man, but I’m lazy.

In other news:

I did some readjusting of the links sidebar over there, including adding the newest member of the Associated Comics And Pop Culture Webloggers of Ventura County, CA And Outlying Environs…Batfatty! Longtime readers of my site might know him better as “pal JP,” who has contributed his fair share of material to this page of mine. Well, now, you can go straight to the source! He’s gathered lots of the craziest comic book images you’ll ever see, so go see ’em already.

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