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Due out today: G.I. Spy #1, from the fine folks at Boom Studios. Andrew Cosby and Matt Haley present us with a spy-versus-Nazis story, with the twist being that the G.I. Spy in question, Jack Shepherd, is a beginner in the James Bond business, making such neophyte mistakes as, oh, say, accidentally knocking out his own partner during a scuffle. It could have easily been a slapstick farce, but it’s still enough of a serious adventure to satisfy the “no humor in my comics, thank you” crowd, while keeping the attention of those of us who appreciate a light-humored touch to our action comics. Snappily written, well drawn, and though the whole spy genre has been worked through pretty thoroughly over the last few decades, G.I. Spy‘s presentation is attractive enough to stand out in a crowed field.

Nice twist: Albert Einstein as the scientific advisor to our heroes. Hey, who doesn’t like Einstein?

Alan David Doane brings us KOCHALKAHOLIC, a weblog devoted to the life and times of James Kochalka, Superstar. Go, enjoy.

Found on this page…a new UK DVD edition of the 1980 Flash Gordon film, complete with Brian Blessed commentary.

Let me repeat that:


That darn well had better show up on the U.S. version.

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