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At long last, the national nightmare is over…I finally have my DSL connection at the new house. I can catch up on what I’ve been missing on the Comicsweblogosphere, like…um, well, I’m sure something’s been going on, anyway.

So my post from Sunday night seemed to awaken some warm fuzzies toward the late Marvel Age house organ, and, yes, there was much to recommend it. Several of you mentioned Fred Hembeck‘s regular contributions to the mag, and a lot of the covers were fun…I keep waiting for the collectors’ market to notice those Groo covers Sergio Aragones provided for it. And one issue had some sample pages by one Kyle Baker, along with a “critique” of his work by some established Marvel artist or other.

My favorite issue featured the official Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars letters pages, with a smiling Jim Shooter pictured on the cover, sitting among the stacks and stacks of mail. The introduction to the letters section stated “some people are awe-struck, some are shocked, some are amazed — and everybody loves it!” …Which resulted in several people popping up in the fan press at the time, claiming that they had in fact sent in negative letters commenting on Secret Wars. At any rate, if you can find this issue of Marvel Age (#20) check it out…you gotta read it.

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