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My weblogging routine still isn’t back to normal due to the relocation to the new house (we’re about 95% moved, and about 5% unpacked), I still don’t have my much missed DSL connection (I cajoled my ISP into giving me a dial-up connection in the meantime, and they say they’re working on the problem), and I appear to be getting even more grey hair, but surely that’s a trick of the light.

At any rate, I owe people a couple reviews of items they were good enough to send me (I’ll get to ’em, I promise!), and I’ve been meaning to link to a bunch of weblogs…in fact, here are a few right now: Ramblin’ with Roger, Face Down in the Gutters, Eddie-torial Comments, ViComics, and (probably my favorite weblog name in a while) Nobody Laughs at Mister Fish. So go check ’em out…tell them I said “hi.”

I’ve been keeping up on my funnybook reading lately, though…there’s always times for comics.

I did pick up the new Supergirl #1, being the longtime fan of the Superman family of comics. I took the Churchill variant cover, which I wasn’t thrilled about, but vastly superior to the Turner cover with the “going tharn” look in Kara’s eyes. As for the interior…oh, good heavens, this is appalling. Cluttered layouts, dependence on old continuity…it’s everything pal Dorian feared it would be. The little girl customers we have shopping at our store who want a Supergirl comic aren’t going to want this. Okay, good on DC, I suppose, for bringing Supergirl back to the “Superman’s cousin from Krypton” premise, but if this is what we’re going to get, I’d rather we’d stuck with the slightly more convoluted version Peter David was writing.

Speaking of Supes, the new issue of Action makes reference to old Doom Patrol continuity, a continuity that no longer exists in the DC universe due to the recent DP revamp…and, for that extra little tad of irony, said issue of Action is illustrated by the person responsible for the DP “reboot.” Nobody else at DC is paying the slightest bit of attention to the revamped condition of the Doom Patrol, are they?

I wanted to buy The King by Rich Koslowski, a new Top Shelf graphic novel, but I just can’t swing a $20 graphic novel at the moment (I need to buy curtains, still, and get landscaping for the backyard, and hair dye…oh, wait, did I say that?) but it looks swell, and I loved Koslowski’s last book Three Fingers. And it’s about an Elvis impersonator (or…is it?), which is story gold, as far as I’m concerned.

I would be remiss if I didn’t bid pal Ian a fond farewell, as he leaves Ventura County for some really outlying environs, up there in the far-flung wild jungles of Northern California. As pal Sean likes to say, “vaya con pollos,” my friend.

Yes, that’s right, “go with chickens.” Don’t ask.

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