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Okay, remember how a few days ago I said I’d have some shorter daily posts? Here’s one of them. I’m nearly moved in, and soon everything should be back to normal, despite some of the usual (and not so usual) new house problems that are turning up (like, for example, a switch in the downstairs bedroom working lights both in that bedroom and in the master bedroom upstairs…wha–?). Plus, I still need to transfer the vast Mikester Comic Archives to its new home, and I’ll need to supervise the fleet of cargo trucks necessary to accomplish this task.

So, since I haven’t had much internet access lately (save for me mooching off the store’s account, like I’m doin’ now)…what’s been going on? I mean, aside from folks suddenly getting excited over that “quiet or papa spank” panel that pal Dorian had shown us over a year ago.

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