Progressive Ruin Presents Once More…The End of Civilization

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So, what do you think this is?

A. A carrot way past the sale date

B. Some kind of horrible parasite

C. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Plush Stake

If you said “C” — you would be correct. On page 458 of the new Diamond Previews: “Made from the highest quality plush materials, this multi-purpose stake can be used to scare off undead foes, and can be easily and safely stowed under your pillow while you sleep!” You can also keep it right next to your hand-carved wooden stake.

Other goodies from Previews:

p. 42 – What’s wrong with me that I think the King Kong with Ann bronze bust at $1,500 is ridiculous, but that the Kong Deluxe Collector’s Chess Set Board at $475 is absolutely fantastic?

p. 182 – The Fantastic Four Diorama: Human Torch Statue looks like it’s carved entirely out of hard candy.

p. 265 – Oh, sweet mother o’pearl, the worst comic book ever is returning to the stands, courtesy Devil’s Due Publishing, complete with a money back guarantee! However, all is not lost, as the quite entertaining Robert Rodi is writing it…which means the longtime Purgatori fans will probably be taken aback by their favorite character being polluted with “wit” and “interesting stories.”

p. 405 – A novelization of V for Vendetta, written by Steve Moore…the same Steve Moore that’s friends with original V writer Alan Moore?

p. 464 – G.I. Joe Dog Tag Replica Series 1: “This first series…features the tags of some of the greatest names in Joe history – like Hawk, Flint, and Gung-Ho – whose tags feature a replica grenade pin!”

p. 511 – Battlestar Galactica Levels Glass Shooters, which have characters associated with the different levels of alcohol you would presumably place within said shooter. The lowest rank is “Cylon,” the highest is “Galactite.” “Starbuck” is second-highest, in case you were wondering. Oddly, “Ellen Tigh,” a character on the new series that appears to be always drunk, is fourth.

p. 512 – Lots of Lost items, including autographed photos. Jorge Garcia as Hurley and Emile De Raven as Claire are the most expensive, at $39.99 a pop.

p. 518 – Darth Vader 18.5-inch Steinbach Nutcracker: “Crack your mixed nuts with the power of the Force using this Darth Vader 18.5″ nutcracker.” I honestly don’t know what to say to that.

p. 553 – Hold on, they’re reissuing the first Swamp Thing movie on DVD? I wonder if this means they cut out the offending footage that caused them to pull the first DVD release (under May 7-8).

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