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Hero Squared #1 should be in your finer comic shops today, and, like I said about the initial Hero Squared special, it’s a fun, not overly serious (but just serious enough) superhero book. It has the unique combination of slapstick, character-based humor, honest emotion, genuine pathos, and outright silliness that J. M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen are known so well for from their work on Justice League (and, now, the current Defenders mini-series). Plus, the premise of the book (a superhero is partnered up with his less-than-super parallel universe counterpart) is, as far as I’m able to recall, unique. I’ve been reading superhero comics for 30 years now, so I appreciate it when someone comes up with a new take on the old genre. Also, Joe Abraham’s art is fun and expressive, perfectly matching the script.

So go buy it already. Let’s give this guy some incentive to keep publishing this comic!

Starting tomorrow, my e-mail access will be spotty at best for a few days. So, if you have anything you want me to see right away, better send it now!

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